Hiring A Charleston Painter

Anyone can paint walls and ceilings. However, not everyone will do it to your satisfaction.

What will the quality of the paint be used? Will the painter clean his brushes in your kitchen sink? Will it show up on the agreed day, at the scheduled time? Not all painters and interior paint companies offer services of equivalent quality. Here’s what to ask them.

Do you use tape?

If the painter you wish to hire admits that he is using green tape, dismiss him immediately. Real painters have agile fingering. They do not need tape to prevent smearing. They will not waste time applying tape for cutting at the junction of two colors or for protecting surfaces.

Do you prepare the surfaces?

Self-employed painters who bill by the hour or at a price per piece ask their customers to pay for the paint separately. Rather, companies tend to include paint in the price set for all of the work. Contractors have discounts of 40 to 50% on the price of paint. “Our discount is transferred to the customer. It is on the workforce that we make money.

What quality of the paint will you use?

Prices vary accordingly. Professional painters use only the highest quality, often 100% acrylic. Labor costs much more than painting, so there are not many savings to be made with lower quality painting.

How do you want to be paid?

If the entrepreneur wants to be paid in cash, that’s a bad sign. If he asks for a deposit to buy the paint, it doesn’t hold water. Everyone has an account with a supplier, and there is a delay in paying.” Good contractors present their invoice at the end of the work, after ensuring customer satisfaction.

Flexible and Trustworthy Charleston Painters

Can we set a fixed date for the work?

In the world of renovation, it is common not to show up on the agreed date. “I have to finish another job,” said the entrepreneur. “With us, when we give a date for the work, we do everything to respect it. The client will come back to the office later to greet us, so he wants to do business with serious people.”

Can you write down your offer?

The date of the work, the choice of colors and type of paint, the preparation of the surfaces, which will move the furniture, the price: all this can be indicated in the contract, which the contractor will produce in a few minutes using software. He can even detail the progress of the work and specify, for example, that we will start with the bedrooms.

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