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For budding artists who dream of living their art, here are the five keys to success in becoming a recognized painter.

You Need A Clear Vision Of Your Project And A Great Desire To Carry It Through.

It is a demanding discipline, and you must be aware of it. There is a huge difference between painting for a few hours, for your pleasure, being a “Sunday painter,” and becoming a professional who has to produce to live.

You Must Involve Your Spouse, Your Family In Your Story.

You will not succeed on your own for the following three reasons. First of all, you may have to quit your job to embark on this adventure, and there, if your family, and your spouse, in particular, do not believe in your project and do not support you in moments of doubt there is strong to bet you won’t go all the way.

The second reason is that you cannot be good everywhere, or do everything alone.

The third reason is that your loved ones can accelerate your career by putting their skills at the service of your project.

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You Must Create Your Brand To Distinguish Yourself.

Whatever the mastery of your art is not enough to be a recognized artist. We should be able to identify your work at first glance. To succeed and stand out from other painters, your style and your themes must be unique.

Communicate On Your Work And Create Your Networks.

This is the fundamental point for “breaking through” quickly. You must create traffic around your works. All these communication channels allow him to be and stay in contact with thousands of prospects or potential customers in many countries.

Give Yourself Bounds To Reach.

Stick to your goals and learn to collect small wins. You have to make posters, send invitations, receive guests, present your work in a convincing way.

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